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Report delivered by email which means it's easy to forward to co-workers and check from your phone.

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We use's Heroku so your data never leaves the Salesforce cloud.


We believe in maximum transparency and built this tool as open source so you can inspecting our logic at any time

Open Source

Get email reports

Automatic full system scans run daily and you get a report by email so you can start your day knowing about issues in advance.

Your email will contain high level details in an easy to read format with images, charts, and short descriptions about how scans were performed.



Get ongoing advice

Your daily alert emails will contain advice where applicable and will link to help videos and references to consulting companies where relevant.  This way you always know how to resolve your issues.


Action Plans

Ongoing security

Daily scans for malicious networks, admin change anomalies, large data change alerts, or other suspicious activity will keep your database safe.



"Every consulting company should use DB SAVER to make sure their customers' data is secure"

James Sullivan, President at CloudAnswers


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